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Dr. Sparks

Junior Scientist Club

The Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club is coming to cities all over Taiwan to show your kids how much fun science can be! We’ve got science activities for kids in preschool all the way up to upper elementary school grades. These English science activities will get your kids into a hands-on science environment that will get their brains working.


Each level has age appropriate themes, experiments, and language to get your kids thinking more in English. They will be introduced to some exciting scientific themes and take part in some really cool hands-on experiments to understand more about how things work. 


Activities will be between 10 and 14 kids, are for ages 2-13, and will last between 50 and 90 minutes, depending on their ages. Private group bookings will receive first priority with public shows opening up soon. Get your playgroups or friends together for Dr. Sparks Jr. Scientist Club activities in your community! 


Dr. Sparks (Sparks博士)兒童科學俱樂部即將把科學的樂趣帶到全台各地散播給您的孩子們! 我們針對幼兒園的幼兒到小學高年級的兒童,設計了不同的科學活動課程。這些以英語進行的科學活動,會讓您的孩子們愛上動手玩科學,進而刺激大腦的學習。






趕緊呼朋引伴揪團來一起來參加Dr. Sparks的兒童科學俱樂部! 包班每10位學生就有一位學生免費喔。


Newton Club (2-5 Years)

The Newton Club is our entry level activity for Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club, for kids ages 2-5 years old. This interactive activity is designed for parent and child interaction in English. We’ll explore the concept of things that float or sink in the water and in the air.

Up, Up, Up – Down, Down, Down

  • Newton Club

  • Ages 2-5

  • Float and Sink Theme

  • Interactive parent/toddler activities

  • 60 minute activities

  • NT$600 1 Adult/1 Child

  • Song

  • Story

  • Experiment 1 – Float and Sink Soup

  • Experiment 2 – Floating Suns

  • 8-12 kids/class


Dr. Sparks小科學家俱樂部有適合各年齡層兒童的英語科學活動

牛頓俱樂部 (年齡2-5歲) - 上上上 - 下下下

· 浮力主題(上浮與下沉)

· 適合2-5歲

· 親子互動活動

· 課程長度60分鐘

· 上課內容結合歌唱,故事,科學實驗操作

Darwin Club (3-7)

For kids ages 3-7 years old, Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club – The Darwin Club is the science activity for you! This time we will explore the how’s and why’s of static electricity. Parents are welcome to come along to our English science activity, but kids will be free to work more on their own. This is a show for kids are used to being around an English environment and are looking to learn how to think more in English. Kids will be challenged to learn about how static electricity works and is all around them.

Charge Me Up

  • Darwin Club

  • Ages 3-7 - Kindergarten - Gr. 1 activities

  • Static electricity theme

  • 70 minute activities

  • NT$750 1 Adult/1 Child

  • Experiment 1 – Making Static

  • Experiment 2 – Static Magic

  • Special Equipment – Van de Graff generator

  • 10-14 kids/class



達爾文俱樂部 (年齡3-7歲) - 幫我充電

· 靜電主題

· 適合3-7歲

· 課程長度70分鐘

· 范氏(范德格拉夫)起電機相關實驗

Einstein Club (5-9)

Slimy and Silly is an English science activity for kids ages 5-9 years old. Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club has opened the Einstein Club for kids who are comfortable in an English environment, and have studied science themes, either at home or at school. We will explore how materials can be mixed to create a polymer bond and find out that there are polymers all around us. Parents are welcome to attend these activities but are not required to.

Slimy and Silly

  • Einstein Club

  • Ages 5-9 – Advanced Kindergarten - Gr. 3 activities

  • Polymer theme

  • 80 minute activities

  • NT$900 1 Adult/1 Child

  • Experiment 1 – How Chains Are Made

  • Experiment 2 – Polymer Slime

  • Experiment 3 – Sparkles Silly Putty

  • 10-14 kids/class



愛因斯坦俱樂部 (年齡5-9歲) - 又黏又好笑

· 聚合物主題

· 適合5-9歲

· 課程長度80分鐘

· 製作軟泥與彈性泥

Sparkle and Shine - Living English Stories

Previous Shows

Sparkle and Shine - 現場互動英語故事演出

A Christmas to Remember  

What the Show Is all About

Sparkle and Shine Studios present our winter “Living English Stories” special, A Christmas to Remember. These are stage based, multimedia events for children ages 2-7 who are learning English. With a 4 x 2 meter painted set, including a 60 inch multimedia screen built into it, our Christmas story will come to life for the audience. 2 North American hosts will lead the children through an interactive Christmas story with the help of lovable puppets, Snowman and Christmas Tree.


Sparkle and Shine Living English Stories will bring English to life for young kids learning English as a second language. Our activities include live music and movement, puppet shows, DIY activities that focus on language and development of fine motor skills, group instrument play, and a new understanding that English is really fun!!


Sparkle and Shine knows how to design shows for young English learners in Taiwan. We have over 30 years combined experience teaching and entertaining children in Taiwan. Story, set, and puppet design by Kenn Loewen from Disney’s World of English. Original music created by children’s EDUtainer, Brian Funshine.


A Christmas to Remember can be booked for performances in your community! Our hour long shows are suitable for between 12 and 25 kids, with shows also available for larger groups. We have shows for both native English speakers and ESL Kids as well. Please contact us for more details.


Pricing - $550NT per child / 1 adult free

              $150NT per additional adults  

              $150NT per accompanying baby under 1 year

       Contact us for pricing for private or large group events.


結合了我們一共25年在幼兒英語教學,兒童音樂創作以及兒童劇場演出的經驗,Sparkle and Shine很開心的宣布我們即將推出現場互動英語故事的演出!















Living English Stories

With over 25 years of shared experience in the classroom, creating children's music and performing live children's theatre, Sparkle and Shine is proud to announce our upcoming Live Kids Living English Stories. 


A perfect mix of:

  • Live Music

  • Puppet Shows

  • Stories

  • Crafts

  • Games

  • English Learning


Our live shows are carefully designed with learning in mind. Great stories will be the basis to learn many new words and sentence patterns while having fun, dancing and singing with your friends.


It's not just an English event. By learning fundamental learning skills in English, we trigger your children to use English to think, instead of just memorizing words and phrases.





Sparkle and Shine工作室為您呈現我們冬季的特別現場互動英語故事-難忘的聖誕節。這具有多媒體舞台的演出,是專為正在接觸英語的2-7歲幼兒特別設計的。我們長達4公尺,寬達2公尺,內建有60吋的多媒體螢幕的舞台背景,讓聖誕故事更生動逼真。兩位北美籍的演員,搭配上可愛的手偶,雪人,聖誕樹等,將一同帶領孩子體驗一場具有互動的聖誕故事表演。


Sparkle and Shine現場英語故事表演為正在學習英語的孩童們,把英語變生動了。我們的活動包括了現場音樂演奏與律動,手偶表演,為語言學習與手部小肌肉發展而設計的DIY勞作,團體樂器伴奏等。藉由這些活動,孩子會了解英語真的很有趣!


兒童英語劇場的專業演員Kenn Sparkles 負責編寫劇本,布景與手偶的設計製作;兒童音樂表演與製作人Brian Funshine負責製作劇中所有的音樂。我們知道如何為台灣正在學習英語的孩童們設計節目。結合我們兩人在台灣的兒童教學與娛樂方面的經驗,我們有長達30年的經驗。








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